Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Building & Construction

After the construction of your commercial building, make sure that the entire site has been properly cleaned. Many left over products such as construction dust, and prolonged smells of paint or furnishing can temporarily limit the amount of money your investment was projected to haul in. Besides poor construction cleanup effecting the site and the developers pocket, it could possibly affect the land soil. Contamination that leaks into the ground can become a future problem for the developer. The practical effect is that these products whether harmful or not can possibly lead to molds, sickness, and possibly even nuisance. Another problem can happen down the road when the developer might opt to sale his development. If problems are found by a potential buyer, it could halt or end the negotiation. So, make sure to have engaged in due diligence throughout the site's developments. That due diligence includes recognizing and exploring location problems, building flaws, and bad techniques. This can possibly involve lots of outside work, however knowing a little about a lot is helpful in any aspect of business.

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