Thursday, October 22, 2009

Land Regulation

Many zoning codes provide an intensive list of the proper building aspects allowed in a particular zone. One example would be a district zoned H-1. Hypothetically, lets presume that H-1 stands for commercial. If the zoning code does not provide detailed specific on such things as height or set-back requirements, the neighbors, the city, or the present developer could potentially face problems. For example, there have been some city zoning ordinances that provide a "no height restriction" in a hypothetical H-1 zone. Although this may be an attempt to lure future developers to the district, it can bring problems. The no height restriction can bring an industrious business person to your city, with plans of building an enormous skyscraper. True, this probably would not present a problem in a commercial zone, but potential land zoning drafters should be careful to classify any zone with a no height restriction. Uniformity within an zoning district should be an important aspects when drafting a zoning ordinance.

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