Thursday, October 29, 2009

Smart Development

Land development across America is a constantly changing formula. In years past and currently today, many developments were created to meet the particular needs of that area. For instance, suburbs were created to alleviate some of the problems facing large urban cities. In other cases, city zoning and variances restrictions were eased in an attempt to lure profitable gains from ambitious land developer. However, many people consider those days ancient history. With the economy in its present state, what are the land development needs of any city, county, or state? Do we need more houses? Perhaps many cities across the nation have a great need for apartments or condominiums? Over the course of many years, land developers rid themselves of a basic economic principle called supply and demand. As a result, there are many cities with many empty dwellings. On the other hand, I hope smartcode developers have learned from the past. If so, the smartcode development future is unlimited.

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