Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Smart Development

The SmartCode manual is probably the best form of development any city, county, or state can engage in for their benefit. The code outlines in detail the necessary steps to accomplish SmartGrowth. Also, the language in the code is plain and easily understandable to the everyday potential home owner. However, the code is detailed in the requirements one must have to adopt there plans and the cost of the development will typically be higher than normal developmental projects. Some of the guidelines and plans listed in a SmartCode include such things as architectural standards, setback standards, community types, and visibility standards. Of course, these can be considered as normal guidelines for any land development, yet they are typically not. For instance, the SmartCode has a smaller setback regulation than the average development. Another instance is the requirement of uniformity throughout the development. Also, Smart developments have smaller roads, more mixed uses, agricultural benefits, and better building configuration. Hopefully, we can expect more entities to adopt the SmartCode standards in the future.

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