Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Car Plants

Over the past four to five years, people who reside on the Alabama-Georgia line near the West Point and Valley area have been waiting patiently for the Kia Plant to be up and running. In response to the arrival and running of the plant, some cities began to build many residential developments in hopes of luring the three to four thousand workforce. Many developers and governing city officers and officials reasoned their new residential developments on prior cities who dealt with the same circumstances. So as a result, there were hundreds of residential developments being built, but the demand was not immediate. Some of these developments, if not all, are operating at less than a 50% or 60% occupancy rate. There are many possible reasons for these low occupancy levels, however most could have been avoided . Maybe its the prices? Maybe because there are no current demands? Maybe, these cities just need a little more time? There are no clear cut answers to these problems. In fact, some developers may say there is no problem, but these recent residential developments are definitely not operating at full occupancy.

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