Tuesday, November 24, 2009

School Developments

Education is the most important factor in life for many people across the nation and the world. From elementary schools to high schools, a top notch education is a necessary goal. However, what impact do academic institutions have on land planning and development? One very crucial impact is the zoning effect. Once a particular tract of land is classified as institutional, there are limited uses for potential outside developers. For instance, all cities or counties have lewd laws which prohibit certain establishments from entering into the institutions zone. Many lewd laws call for a set minimal distance of yards or miles. Also, a developer must take into consideration the ratio of students to acres. Many states require five acres for every hundred students. This requirement can easily push schools across the nation into the next classification. The next classification is an university. So, what are land developers to do with a potential school that has well over three thousand students? The best possible thing is to appeal to the people.

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