Monday, November 9, 2009


During the 1980's and well into the early 1990's, the United States had a land development boom. There were thousands of land developments being built ranging from commercial to residential to industrial. One reason for this era of building was demand. There was a higher demand for land developments in those time frames. A prime example would be an industrial development being implemented to accommodate the rising demand for automobiles, textile mills, shopping malls, and other commercial activities. It is debatable as to whether those demands were actually demands of the public or were they the fantasies of over ambitious businessmen. However, we are feeling the effects of those demands in the current economy. Today, land development and planning is an endangered species in the United States. Developments are moving at a turtle's pace with no intention of increasing speed. So, who is to blame for this inactivity? Of course, there are no takers, but the blame can be divided among all players in the game of land planning and development.

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